Lufthansa India Flights – Best Of German Excellence On Air
14.08.2014 10:51

                                         Lufthansa India | Image Resource : davidkiyokawa.com

Lufthansa Airlines is a highly featured global travel service provider. It is the flagship air travel service of Germany and is into service for more than half a century. The company is offering flights almost all important global destinations. Lufthansa India flights are also there in plenty, for which the passengers can book tickets easily now through online reservation.

Lufthansa’s history

Lufthansa Airlines was started in 1954 and in spite of its humble beginning, has now become one of the leading provider in the global air travel sector. The company is now offering services to more than 203 destinations and has a large number of flight schedules. There are many modern aircraft in the fleet of Lufthansa.

For over six decades, Lufthansa always remained to be the favorite travel choice of a large number of international travelers in all sectors. The basic operational hub of Lufthansa Airlines is Germany’s Frankfurt Airport. Apart from the primary service hub, Lufthansa has a secondary hub also, which is at Munich Airport. Apart from its hubs in Germany, there are also many other international hubs also of Lufthansa and many countries.

Lufthansa flights

Lufthansa India are there now to 203 international destinations. Lufthansa Indian flights are serving to all major Indian destinations. Apart from the global services, Lufthansa is serving to domestic sector also in Germany. Eighteen local cities are covered with the domestic wing of Lufthansa.

The company also has codeshare agreements with many leading service providers in the world. Along wit its partners, altogether Lufthansa covered more than 410 destinations. The company is planning to expand its fleet also in the near future by adding new aircraft and routes to its services.


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